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Off the Vine Productions is a virtual production agency, with experts in social media, graphics, video and radio production. That means you get all the advantages of an agency, without having to pay the overhead!

We don’t charge you for the conference room!

With over 20 years experience in the furniture industry, Off the Vine Productions offers marketing assets and tools that work, with continuity of message across all platforms, at a cost that is affordable!

As the landscape in the furniture industry has changed, we have changed with it, offering traditional and digital marketing tools that are effective in gaining the attention of potential customers, both current and new.


Using Facebook and Instagram, we can create a social media buzz that goes hand in hand with traditional media assets, such as TV/web video, radio and print.


We can customize a campaign that will work in your individual market.

Using sophisticated analytical tools, we can engage local customers on a Facebook page with targeted ads and posts that connect with your customers using online offers, competitions and posts that drive them to physically visit your store.

Website Design



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Social Media Advertising

We have a package for every budget, including ongoing social media, TV and radio spots, musical images, and graphics for local advertising.


Let us help you get to that next level of sales.

Off the Vine Productions. Great. Effective. Marketing.

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