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How To E-commerce Properly (Part One)

Whether you're in Boise, Idaho or doing business out of Beijing it's likely that you're business is at the will of the internet.

So other than cost of products and availability, what factor defines the success of your business?

It's simply called trust!

Building trust with your e-commerce store is wildly important. Sure you can buy crazy things on the internet, but in the end you might be left wondering what's going to show up on the doorstep.

The Trust Fall Experiment

It kind of seems that way when you buy online. You're putting not only your money, but your data out there. Thus it's important to have trust with the site you're accessing and buying from.

Many don't think of advertising as an exercise in trust but there's a fundamental principle that advertisers are practicing, whether they realize it or not.

Simply putting a company out there with advertisements is an act of indiscretion.

If you're not advertising correctly, it's going to be very easy for possible clients or consumers to see right through you. ​​

We've all seen some ads in the past that let you know the true intentions of the company right?

But rather than suggest some nefarious activity on part of the brand, because their ads were done poorly (don't cue the X-files theme just yet) it's likely that the ads were just improperly executed, and the quality became synonymous with the brand in your head.

Don't worry no conspiracy at large here.

The idea of hiring a video marketing agency should be one of trust, and that trust should ring our like a sweet song to your viewership.

So when it comes down to selling products online or in the real world you have to have a proper presence.

If something seems off, people are going to detect that immediately.

The Other Six Principles...

So it might not be as simple as actually creating a great commercial or radio ad. For over a century advertising has been a leading way for media and entertainment companies to generate revenue. You can hire the pros for that. There's still a lot of footwork to do if you want to sell online.

Curating a proper web presence means hitting all the major platforms: Facebook, Google, and even Yellow Pages has found it's way into becoming an influencer.

Regardless of your thoughts on social media (personally I'm less than a fan) it's important to have a pulse here. It's wise to send signals to the internet at large, because it will reward you by showing your business of to the community. Even just a small benefit is that those in the community know your store hours.


There's many impactful ways to run an E-commerce store in the new generation where everyone buys online.

Among the most beneficial, is the king of the internet, content.

Content seems to be by and large the best way to tell google that you mean business. Many people take that advice in different ways. Creating a blog or even filming video with drones seem to pass these days. And why shouldn't they?

Everything that people find useful counts as content.

However, in the E-commerce world, there's one strategy that seems to feel outdated and often gets skipped over: Product descriptions.

These small blurbs next to your expertly photographed products seem to go missing more often than not, but they carry with them the weight of a titan. Skipping out on telling Google what your products are, and in your own wording, is more important that a lot of marketing factors that we tend to focus on.

The product tags, meta-descriptions, and the like, all seem to have gone the way of the dodo. There's often been sites that just want to show their users the pretty pictures, combined with a price tag, and a button to add the product to their cart.

This is all fine and dandy, but...

You're missing out on a fundamental aspect of what Google thrives on: unique content.

Standing apart is perhaps the best way to get out from under your biggest competitors. So spend those extra free minutes on describing, in detail, the products you've put so much time into.

This not only informs users about the purchase decision they're going to make but it opens the marketing funnel to a larger demographic.

One of the biggest investments you can make towards your business is right in front of your eyes.

Good luck!

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