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YouTube Marketing 101

Marketing in a media dominated world can be incredibly difficult. As marketing changed from a manual, analog format into a digital DIY haven, something has been lost. Not every ad, video, or article is up to par with the engaging print media of yesteryear.

Now, YouTubers are taking to the masses. For instance, where stand up comedy was once the only medium to deliver laughs to audiences en mass, YouTube sensations pop up everyday with confessional soliloquy, making jokes for the measly cost of ad revenue. With so much content on the rise, shining through means you've got to be on point with your videos!

Still, marketing your beloved video project can be a daunting task. With this short guide, we’re gonna help you deliver your video project to the YouTube audience in just a few steps!

Making A Splash With Proper Markups

Perhaps the most important time of sharing your creation is the initial posting of the content. The sharing that you do within 24 hours (or is done for you) is quintessential. Try setting up premiers with news sources in your niche, and scheduling posts to go live at meaningful times, this allows for a snowball effect that happens when your content goes live. There’s also an important aspect to the set-up of YouTube content in particular.

"Make sure you deliver on a compelling description, don’t settle for vague or misleading."

The goal of your video should always be to pre-qualify viewers and send them on to your website to learn more about your products and services, with genuine intention or interest. You’ll have an easier time converting website visitors after they’ve been impressed by content. You can have a great viral video, but if it’s not converting then you’re not seeing the benefits.

The channel you upload from needs to be fully fleshed out: The description for the channel will help market your videos, and include social media links, and website listings and local citation information such as your business address, if applicable.

So how do you warm up and qualify a prospect? Focus on providing video that engages and educates people, but leaves them hanging a little. Use the video to convince them that they need to visit your website to get the information they require.

Community Interactions

Make sure you’re taking an interest in the niche, commenting on videos of other companies or artists that have like-minded views. This aspect is particularly important for YouTube to discover relevancies between channels, to suggest video to users, but also allowing other people to find your comment and click through to your channel. Always say something interesting and relevant to the video and you can expect to make some conversions along the way.

It might seem like common sense, but many people have the idea that you simply upload a video and next thing you know it’s viral. Consider working with a video production company to truly create something unique and you might just find that your next video will have the gusto to get big!

To wrap it all up here's a few takeaways:

  • Different contextual keywords in your descriptions will help market on it's own

  • Various video lengths will cater to people with varying time commitments

  • Think about several audiences, and make content for more diverse crowds

  • And try working with a Video development company to create video content ideas

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