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In the ever-changing world of marketing, one local food company used an innovative way to gain access to one of the world’s biggest retailers and start a multi - million dollar relationship.

The CEO approached Off the Vine Productions to produce a web-based video that would share a visual story of his growing company. “We needed to show our company’s experience and value to the world’s biggest food retailer and video was the ideal medium to do that.”

Off the Vine Productions wrote and created a targeted video that shared the company's story.

“We sent a link to the video, and we got an immediate response from the new client. It was just a few months later that we closed the deal.” Off the Vine Productions truly helped us cut through the marketing noise with a product that visually told our story in a highly persuasive way.”

Watch the Video Below:

Off the Vine Productions is an advertising agency that is unique in their market by actually writing and producing their own videos, websites, radio spots, as well as create digital media campaigns. As a virtual advertising & production agency, Off the Vine Productions is ideally positioned to help you with your next project, idea, or campaign.

To find out more, call 208.860.7178 or contact Austin at

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