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The Hydra of Marketing PT.2

As discussed in part one, there's a whole slough of different ways to satisfy a marketing campaign with a set of goals. We're going to call it a hydra, since all these various heads relate back to one central body, and it's goal. First, we need to decide where to set this hydra loose. Is your client focusing on Business-to-business relations or straight to the consumer themselves?

Aligning of sales and marketing:

Setting up expectations and goals from the get-go is of high importance when planning the campaign. We need to be on the same page to work together and align our efforts.

  • What are the Pain Points?

One might not think that marketing is surgical work, yet it requires an intense amount of research into the demographics we want to reach. The best marketing work avoids kerfuffles. There's a certain degree of care that needs to be taken when seeking out certain demographics, insensitive marketing has no place in todays world.

  • Consistency. Consistency.

While larger advertising firms can offer a more diverse portfolio of work, it's in the smaller firms that you find a consistent set of values and straightforward deliverables. Everyone needs to be on the same page, from initial planning to endgame.

  • The Issues with Digital-Only

Sure you're want a strong online presence, we've discussed such importance in our first post in this series. Digital marketing is a fantastic way to reach a huge audience with much lower set up and maintenance costs than ‘traditional’ media. That said, there are many reasons to think outside the digital box.

Sure, Yelp and GoogleMaps are going to be driving traffic to your site, but it's important to maintain a physical presence out in the real world. Let's say your business is catering to people who don't typically use the internet. Believe me, they exist!

Creating ads for radio and local spots for TV can transcend the market in ways the internet can't.

Still, the issue many companies don't realize is that local presence is going to be the building blocks of their brand. If you're renting out linens to Boise restaurants the last thing you need to worry about is ranking number one on Google for the term linens. Instead you want to find your demographic and lean into it! And of course, digital marketing has it's place within this, but a marketing agency will commit to developing your brand into a trusted entity while making your presence known.

Our series on marketing agencies and their roles will continue just after the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Stayed tuned!

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